You are a holistic person.

"What you think, what you eat, what you absorb."

Find balance in your body and mind through Holistic Nutrition.


My name is Carlota Portella and I am passionate about identifying the needs of the human being and working with nutrition in a holistic way.

I believe in nutrients and in adjusting them according to the bioindividuality of each individual. Beyond its caloric contribution, the composition of a dish to photograph and share on Instagram and from Healthy way of life.

I believe in you and that you can transform your health with the right roadmap. I am happy to be in your way with tools I have prepared for you.

MY WAY without a break

My background

My academic training is based on three main pillars that together complement each other in order  to design your special and unique recipe.




I’m in continuous training. Currently I am still learning about Phytotherapy, Marine Therapy, Mycotherapy, Bach Flowers, Oligotherapy, Active Cellular Nutrition, Study and Interpretation of the Microbiota, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Meditation Courses, Plantbased, Asian cuisine, and much more.



How can I help you?


The 7 Steps to Success in Intermittent Fasting

Download it for free and learn which are the keys to get started in Intermittent Fasting correctly and benefiting from its many advantages.


Invest in yourself

I want to help you to feel good about your body, your temple, both externally and internally. I invite you to learn new tools and ways to take care of yourself to become the   best version of you.

My online courses

Learn how to take care of yourself and start your personal transformation process with my 100% online courses.

Characteristics of the courses:

Personalized advice

Let’s talk and discover together your needs, change habits for healthy rituals  and find the solution to your root problem.

Counseling features:


My method, my mantra


Emotions are the result of your thoughts. Depending on what and how you think you will relate in one way or another with food. Ordering your mind and working your thoughts will be one of the ingredients in any health recipe we work on together.


I work at the cellular level to design an optimal nutritional plan. Each person is biochemically individual and requires the right nutrients for their cells. You will enjoy eating knowing that you are nourishing yourself.


The gut is everything. In order to absorb all your nutrients, your digestive system and your microbiota, that inhabits your body, must be healthy. This organ is also our second brain. It regulates your mood, your motivation and your ability to take action.

testimonials that fill my heart

What do women like you think?

My greatest reward is being able to see the progress and results of other women.

Not being able to eat anything and going with a list of forbidden foods has been an ordeal and has led me to consume myself more and more, it has affected my immune system, emotional system and hormonal system. Through Carlota I have regained my strength and I continue working to balance everything and be the person I was.

I didn’t know why I was always craving sugar. After the cure I am now calmer with pasta and carbohydrates in general.

I was always tired and I didn’t understand why, I woke up exhausted even if I had slept 12 hours. With Carlota and her program I am now a different person. I am very happy with the results.

Apart from learning to eat healthy I have also learned to control my anxiety and stress with her tools because whenever I had the infection it always coincided with a time in my life with a lot of stress and anxiety.

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Get to know all the benefits of Intermittent Fasting and start practicing it.

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