About me

“You will never heal in the same place where you got sick.”

I was born facing the Mediterranean: in Barcelona. This has marked my character and has shaped my personal recipe: a pinch of salt that the sea breeze brings me, the right dose of discipline that yoga and meditation have instilled in me and all sprinkled with a passion for travel, gastronomy and my love and respect for nature.

my path without a break

My background

My academic training is based on three main pillars that together complement each other to be able to design your special and unique recipe




I’m in continuous training. Actualmente sigo aprendiendo sobre Fitoterapia, Terapia marina, Micoterapia, Flores de Bach, Oligoterapia, Nutrición Celular Activa, Estudio e Interpretación de la microbiota, Nutrición Ayurveda, Nutrición Macrobiótica, cursos de meditación, cocina plantbased y asiática, y mucho más.



My method, my mantra

When you take care of your emotions and thoughts, pay attention to the food you eat and take care of your digestive-intestinal health, is when you get optimal and lasting health that allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.


Emotions are the result of your thoughts. Depending on what and how you think you will relate in one way or another with food. Order your mind and manage your emotions, will be one of the ingredients that we can work together with the team.


I work at the cellular level to design an optimal nutritional plan. Each person is biochemically individual and requires the right nutrients for their cells. You will enjoy eating knowing that you are nourishing yourself.


The intestine is everything. In order to absorb all your nutrients, your digestive system and your microbiota, that inhabits your body, must be healthy. This organ is also our second brain. It regulates your mood, your motivation and your ability to take action.


My partners

Meet the people who complement me in my treatments with new areas of expertise.

Ignacio Galan

Life Coach and Mindfulness Instructor

Born in Barcelona and living in the USA, with more than 10 years of experience in the practice of yoga and meditation.

Mindfulness Instructor with the MBSR method of mindfulness for stress reduction developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Certified life and executive coach.

“My true passion, in which I follow a process of constant training in new techniques to improve my effectiveness in accompanying my clients in their personal and professional challenges. Mindfulness has helped me develop more powerful listening skills, as well as being a tool that, to a greater or lesser extent, improves the quality of life of anyone who tries it.”

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Learn all the benefits of fasting and start practicing it.

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