7 Day Course: Think Fasting

Start your transformation to body-mind wellness through Intermittent Fasting.


Think Fasting

This course is the complete 7-day experience to learn, in depth, the practice of Intermittent Fasting to help you live life with greater wellness, abundant self-esteem and feel young forever. An easy and very powerful tool in the field of health.

More than 500 women have already experienced its transformation.


If you feel identified, this course is for you...

You want to lose weight and feel better with your digestion.

You would like to have more energy throughout the day.

You want to take care of yourself both inside and out.

Sign up for the course and start your transformation in the best way.


What will you get inside the course?

All the tools to carry out the practice of Intermittent Fasting.

You will have material in video format, exercises to integrate this practice as a lifestyle, a nutritional guide to combine properly with your fasting practice and a support accompaniment in our Private Community.

Day 1 - Introduction to Fasting

We introduce fasting for people who have never done it before. We cover the 7 steps to fasting correctly, you will choose the type of fasting that best suits you to achieve your goals, you will get the list of tasks for the 7 days of the course and the 30-day calendar to generate long-term changes.

Day 2 - Rest and Rejuvenate

We start working with the fasting method you have chosen on day 1. I will share with you my list of healthy recipes, we will see the 4 infusions that will help you synchronize with your vital organs, I will teach you how to break the fast correctly.

Day 3 - Get your best version

I love day 3 because you will learn with me how to prepare a balanced and nutritious meal, you will discover which foods are essential for your health and wellbeing, it's your turn to cook!

Day 4 - Fight your saboteurs

On day 4 we will talk about temptations during the method and you will discover very simple ways to improve your relationship with food. Let go of the brakes, it's time to reach your wellness!

Day 5 - Achieve your healthy weight

With fasting we can modify our body composition, at this point I will train you to mobilize your body fat and eliminate it quickly. It is very useful for overweight people, sedentary people or the very changes of age that makes accumulate fat in localized areas such as the abdomen, arms, breasts and buttocks. Are you ready?

Day 6 - Don't count calories, count bacteria

We focus on cleansing the gut and healing the body's problems: pain, bloating, inflammation, poor digestion, etc. You will discover how food influences the intestine, because this organ is more important than you can imagine right now.

Day 7 - We train together HIIT

I like this day very much because I will teach you how to take care of yourself with a little bit of exercise, we will do HIIT, I will provide you with a table with exercises that you will have to do in 7 minutes, you will generate incredible changes dedicating only 7 minutes a day!

Private Community

Private Community through my Telegram channel where I will help you to solve your doubts and where you can interact and share experiences with people with your same goal and whenever you need without limit.


Benefits of the Program L

ose fat and gain in health and appearance

You will improve your physical appearance and get a healthier and brighter skin.

Say goodbye to bloating

You will feel lighter, free of swelling and accumulated fluids.

Gain in sleep quality.

You will increasingly regulate your circadian cycle and your rest will be restorative.

Feeling of Vitality

You will have the tools to regain your energy and vitality whenever you want.

Healing your Intestine

You will have an easier digestion and your intestinal transit will improve.

You will improve your mood

You will feel better about yourself, less in control and more fluid. Others will notice it not only in your appearance, but also in your mood.

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