5-Day Challenge: Equilibrium

Start your transformation through holistic cooking and mind-body balancing.


Equilibrium Challenge

This challenge is the   complete 5-day experience  that will help you strengthen your immune system, improve your sleep quality and increase your energy. You will become a holistic chef.

More than 150 women   are already enjoying the benefits of full health with Equilibrium.


If you feel identified, this course is for you...

You want to balance and strengthen your immune system.

You want to balance the energy and calmness in your being.

Know the right combinations of foods to nourish you better.

Sign up for the course and start your transformation in the best way.


What will you get inside the course?

The challenge is a 100% online culinary experience, we will have fun for 5 days learning how to prepare the video recipes making the most of their properties to improve your health.

Day 1 – Detox

Detoxify and purify your body. We will restore the natural functioning of your cells by providing optimal nutrients with an anti-inflammatory diet free of animal, gluten and refined sugars.

Day 2 - Mind

Fill yourself with happiness, memory and concentration. You will learn about food to help you calm your mind, concentrate, increase your mood and happiness and nourish your neuronal cells.

Day 3 - Energy

Revitalize yourself and boost your energy. You will learn about nutrition to boost your energy, increase your mood, oxygenate your cells, enjoy a routine, both at work and in daily tasks and sports.

Day 4 - Intestine

You will balance your microbiota and recover your intestinal health. You will learn the proper diet to balance your intestinal flora and that the bacteria that live in it, do not generate toxins that create pain, poor digestion, bloating and a host of digestive-intestinal diseases.

Day 5 - Immunity

Boost your defenses. You will learn about foods to strengthen your immune system naturally, protecting you from viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites that we live with in our daily lives.


Benefits of the Program

Strengthen the immune system.

You will prevent colds, allergies and other diseases related to the immune system.

Mini detox. The basics of a cleansing diet.

You will eliminate all those impurities that have been accumulating in your body and do not allow you to feel wellness.

The bugs your intestinal health needs.

You will notice a great change in your intestinal health, which positively influences your whole body.

Connect with your mind and get the vitality you deserve.

Learn the right foods to balance your mind. You will have the tools to regain your energy and vitality whenever you want.

Organization in the kitchen

You will learn how to plan your meals and organize your weekly menu.

The culinary tricks of a holistic chef

You will learn my culinary secrets so that when you cook you can make the most of the nutrients and use them as medicine for your body.

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